A melting Ice Cube

I offer this response to your endorsement of Trump, and your subsequent justifications of this decision.

Your logic was flawed.

Biden did what he promised.

Against conventional wisdom (and all Democratic political rhetoric), he named a black, female running mate.

He remembered how black women carried Doug Jones into office. In 2017, the exit polls showed 96 percent of black voters supported Jones, with 98 percent of black women and 93 percent of black men backing him. And in 2017, black women in Virginia helped keep the governor’s mansion in Democratic hands, with 91 percent of their vote going to Ralph Northam last month. We also showed the strongest support for the winning Democratic gubernatorial candidate in New Jersey that year as well. And not forget Hillary - And vote for her we did. In 2016, Black women, exit polls show, were by far Clinton’s strongest supporters, at 94 percent. By contrast, 53 percent of white women supported President-elect Donald Trump. This was Clinton’s and the Democrats’ most reliable voting bloc. Sister Stacy took this campaign intelligence, using her loss as America's gain, spun it into a massive tool to contain voter suppression and viola, we have the Biden Harris win of 2020. None of this would have been possible had Congressman Clyburn not used his considerable trust, reputation and influence to get the people of SC to support Joe.

You chose the wrong horse while messing in grown folks’ business. You were an admirable businessman but are a novice at politics. Supposedly negotiating a $5 billion economic stimulus package for the black community with Trump adviser Katrina Pierson was a joke. She did not have the power, the backing of the White House nor the campaign to negotiate such a deal. She was playing you, trying to build a reputation in conservative circles. To confirm that level of commitment, you needed to talk to the President, not his emissaries. He has made good on some things he promised black folk - line item HBCU funding and criminal justice reform legislation - merely ripples in the pond of potential support he could have offered during his tenure, had this been a legitimate negotiation. It was not, and you were too arrogant to realize such or do your homework. In the meantime, go make another Friday movie that l will not watch, and try to make your 3 on 3 basketball league profitable. I just hope that $1.6 million stimulus money you received, less the returned $700,000, was worth it. The way l see it, you will need all the money you can get because people of conscience will stop supporting you. Formerly a N.W.A., you are now a Negro Who Was Played (NWWP).

Finally, if you ever get the notion to negotiate something for the black community, negotiate:

Reparations for Slavery and

Economic Parity.

As someone eloquently stated, Reconstruction was about reconstructing lives out of slavery with nothing - no job, no income, no education, no housing or property. We left plantations with nothing and everything that the government has decided to give working folks since has fallen woefully short of the benefits and wealth our free labor gave in this country., The general public incentives have fallen short - think about the race-based denials of GI bill benefits. If you still feel compelled to negotiate for me,, start with an economic stimulus package which includes at a minimum 5 acres with a house, tuition for all children and $100,000 plus no income tax filing requirements for at least 10 years for each person of color. Start there and negotiate upwards. Whichever party begins allocating land and cutting checks, l will believe them.

Until then NWWP, apologize for your misguided efforts and weak thinking. You owe your community an apology.

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